Cochise College Employee Assistance Program

What is an EAP?

It is a program that assists with confidential non-clinical issues that impact people in their work and home lives.  The service areas are:

  • Legal
  • Financial advice
  • Relationship counseling
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Mental health and addiction counseling
  • Workplace
  • Parenting
  • ID theft recovery assistance
  • Elder care services
  • Child care services
  • Housing

Who is eligible to use the Employee Assistance Program?

Benefits eligible employees and their household members.

What is the cost for using the Employee Assistance Program?

There is no cost for the first three (3) counseling sessions per problem per covered person per year.

How can I contact the Employee Assistance Program?

Services are available by telephone at (800)327-3527 or (602)264-4600, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

What types of resources are available through EAP Preferred?

Webinars, seasonal newsletters, online reference material and in person counseling services.

What if I'm referred to a counselor that I don't like?

If you meet with the therapist and for whatever reason do not want to return to that same therapist, please call us right away. We will schedule you with another therapist and will not count that EAP visit.

What if I still need counseling after I use my EAP sessions?

Most people are able to resolve their problems within their EAP sessions but if you need additional counseling your EAP counselor will help you to make that transition to either counseling available through your insurance plan or to community resources. Many of our counselors are providers for insurance plans so you may be able to continue with the same counselor, depending on your plan.

Can I see any therapist under my EAP benefit?

EAP Preferred’s employees and network providers provide your EAP counseling. Contact our scheduling desk with questions about providers.

Does the EAP provide psychiatric services?

The EAP benefit covers outpatient counseling. The counselors are qualified to assess, diagnose and refer to a psychiatrist if needed. If you need a referral to a psychiatrist it will likely be covered under your employer’s mental health benefit. Your EAP counselor can help you to find a provider under your plan or make a referral to community resources.


EAP Preferred is an Arizona employee assistance firm serving over 550,000 people worldwide. We are the largest privately owned EAP in Arizona with 29 years of continuous service; some customers have relied on us for 15 years.

EAP Preferred provides excellent clinical assistance. And long ago we added Work-Life Services to help with problems that often overwhelm people; those problems include legal, financial, identity theft, elder and child care, housing, education, personal services, and a host of other needs. EAP Preferred also offers Wellness, custom program tools, and soon, Absence Management.

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