Cochise Combined Trust (CCT) Wellness Benefits

Each beneficiary with CCT medical coverage (employee, spouse, and dependents) has a $500 Plan Year (July through June) Wellness Benefit to use towards “prevention,” which includes wellness exams, screenings, and immunizations.

The benefit covers 100% of in-network wellness procedures up to the $500 plan year maximum. The benefit can be used for wellness procedures such as; mammography, well-woman exams, PSA, well-man exams, cancer screenings, blood draw screenings, well-child care, immunizations (i.e. flu and pneumonia) and other early detection/screening tests.

Each beneficiary is encouraged to utilize the wellness benefit. Doing so may improve your health, reduce your risk of certain diseases, and identify medical conditions at earlier stages. Additionally, by using the benefit you may save CCT money, which in turn impacts your premiums and benefits schedules.

HumanaVitality Wellness Program

HumanaVitality is a rewards-based wellness program that can assist you with becoming healthier through education, prevention and healthy living. This exciting program can help you take charge of your health.  You’ll be rewarded not only in health and happiness, but in perks that you choose.  You will earn points that can be spent at the HumanaVitality mall. Participation is the key to a successful Wellness Program and the key to a better quality of life for those who participate.

for your well-being and healthy living.

You should be rewarded for making healthier choices. With HumanaVitality®, you can earn gift cards from great retailers, fitness trackers and more. Even your kids can get involved—live healthier and earn great rewards along the way!

How do I Enroll in HumanaVitality?

Please refer to the How Do I Enroll document to the right.

How do I Earn HumanaVitality Points and what are they used for?

Every time you complete a verified activity or achieve a wellness goal you earn Vitality Points (i.e. education, fitness activities, prevention activities, healthy living, personalized goals, health coaching).  Earning Vitality Points helps you work toward a higher Vitality Status (i.e. bronze, silver, gold or platinum).  Health activities not only build Vitality Points, they also earn you an equivalent amount of Vitality Bucks.  You are able to reward yourself with the things you want in the HumanaVitality Mall by spending your Vitality Bucks.

Wellness Program

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